Voddie Baucham – Love and Marriage – Part 1

04 Jan

Love and Marriage – In the Beginning

“It is one thing to know what you like, and another to know what you need”

“The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Genesis 2:18


Marriage is God’s ideea! That means it is a good thing! And if it is God’s ideea, we should think about it in God’s way.

“If I believe that marriage is all about me and my happiness, then when I’m not happy anymore I walk away!” I’ve heard this so many times, and it is so wrong!

Marriage is God’s ideea. He’s the one who’s determining it’s purposes. And He’s the one who creates in us a yearning for it. Don’t you dare go around being ashamed because you want what God designed you for!

God desires to give you the best. Here’s the problem: we have no idea what that means. “The best”, our culture says, is: the one with the right degree, from the right school so that he will have the right job, selected with the right house, in the right neighbourhood. The best girl is that who looks like …

Marriage isn’t always easy, but it is always good.

“We found out that the money, the succes, the mortgage… , those are not the ones that constitute ‘the good days’. The good days are when we look one another in the eye, and each of us know that the other isn’t going anywhere. And that there is no place that either of us would rather be.”

Voddie Baucham – sermon excerpts


Voddie Baucham – Love and Marriage – Part 2


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