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Voddie Baucham – Love and Marriage – Part 3

Love and Marriage – The Other Half


“I told my son: “Son, you’re partnering with me in a process”.
He said: “What process?”
I said: “ I am training you to treat your sister so well that no looser would ever have a chance with her. That’s you job in this family”.

What he must be in order to become your husband..

1. He must lead in love.

That kind of love that is an act of will, accompanied by emotion, that leads to action.

2. He must lead in Scriptures.

If he is not a man who can mentor you in the Scriptures, he’s not worthy of being your husband. (…) He must be able to mentor and disciple your children, that will later grow in your home.


1069845_502445683158386_165932017_n3. He must lead in righteouosness.

You’re looking for a man, who’s going out of his way to make sure that your purity is preserved.

Here is the irony: There are a lot of you in relationships with guys that continue to press you on stuff. They still talk like they’re in high school: “If you love me, we need to take this to the next level”. Help you, if you’re dealing with a guy like that. Leave him, please!

4. He must be a man who leads in selflessness

A man who understands what it means to put others before himself. To treat women like they deserve to be treated. Like they’re precious

5. He is to lead into intimacy.

This culture brings the ideea that intimacy is a three letter word: “sex”. Let me define intimacy: “Intimacy happens when I let someone into a part of my life that is not readily (available) to everyone.”

By the way, do you know where affairs start from? They start when a married man, or woman, begin to share  things with someone who was not their husband  or their wife that they don’t really share with everybody else”

“Apart from the grace of God, I could not get to the character that I should have (…) And this is my prayer: “More today than yesterday, and more tomorrow than today”

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