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Voddie Baucham – Love and Marriage – Part 4

Love and Marriage – The Better Half

Quotation-Anyaele-Sam-Chiyson-woman-love-wife-principles-marriage-husband-man-Meetville-Quotes-278592 What she must be? She must be submissive

“22 Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord.23 For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church”

Ephesians 5:22-23

“Submissive? It is about order, not value!

Submission is voluntary. The word literally means “to voluntarily rang oneself beneath another”.
By the way that’s why I say to you, man, she must be submissive. Because if you marry a woman that is not submissive to you, there is nothing you can do to make her submissive. If she is not submissive to you as the head of the relationship, what are you going to do? Arm wrestle her for it?”

“I want you to understand the problem with the  fall, from Genesis. It was a problem about order. Here is the order before the fall:

God creates man and He gives, to the man, the woman. And they had dominion over everything that was on the earth. that they had dominion over (including the serpent)

What happens in the fall? The beast deceives the woman, thus excercising dominion over her. The woman tempts the man, thus exercising dominion over him. And the man eats the fruit, in order that he may be like God.
They flip the order upside down. That’s the fall! 1.the serpant, 2.the woman,, 4.God

Genesis 3:17. That’s the fault of the man, that he was submissive to the woman.”

“By the way, the text says: “Wifes, submit to your husbands”, NOT “Girlfriends, submit to your boyfriends”. Listen to me! If you find a young woman who is willing to submit to you, then you’ve found a woman who is not properly operating under biblically authority.”


“Here’s what’s ironic: if a woman lays out her life in order to bring coffee to a man in an office, we say: “You go, girl!”.
Same woman, – instead of going to an office and laying out her life to serve a man that is not her husband, and some corporation that is not her family – layed out her life in order to serve the most important “corporation” that the world has ever seen, THE FAMILY, and we say: “Isn’t that a tragedy!?”

God help you, if you think like that!”

And man, if you find a woman that thinks like that, keep searching, because she is not submissive to the biblical picture of what family is all about!

“My wife and I, have had millionaires in our home, asking us to help them rescue their marriages. Millionaires! Sitting at our table, saying: “We’ve got anything and we would give it all away to have what you two have. Why? Because the’ve bought a lie. Don’t you do that! Marriage must be what God designed it to be! She must be what God requires her to be. He must be what God requires him to be!

And quite frankly, it doesn’t really concern me if the culture appreciate this! Because, newsflash, the culture is terrible at marriage! If the culture was up there, you know, setting records in years of staying married, and being happy, maybe I’dd listen to their criticism about submission.”

Voddie Baucham – sermon excerpts

Love and Marriage – Part 3 – The Other Half


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Be creative! – 29 ways to do it!

Lightbulb Drawn Onto Paper Whilst Brainstorming for an Idea.

Iată 29 de sfaturi, bune pentru tine! .. ca să rămâi creativ/ă, sau pentru a deveni creativ/ă. Cred că cei mai mulţi dintre noi avem nevoie să devenim mai creativi, tot mai creativi.

Iar cei creativi sunt întotdeauna deschişi la idei noi, deci nu se supără pe mine. Numai să fie creativitate bună!

Pot să confirm câteva puncte, printre care şi carneţelul, agenda. Concediul de calculator…. este uimitor! 🙂

Cântatul în duş :)), asta da idee!


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