J.R.R. Tolkien – scrisoare despre sexualitate adresată fiilor săi

01 Apr

marriage J.R.R. Tolkien

Scrierile lui Tolkien au devenit tot mai cunoscute odată cu lansarea filmului “Stăpânul inelelor” şi apoi “Hobitul”, dar puţini ştiu despre viaţa privată a autorului şi principiile lui de viaţă. De fapt, acum am descoperit şi eu mai multe, citind câteva dintre scrierile către băieţii lui.

Scrisorile lui J.R.R. Tolkien către cei trei fii ai săi, includ multe sfaturi privitoare la sexualitate şi importanţa autocontrolului. Vă invit să citiţi câteva dintre opiniile lui.

“Even as he celebrated the integrity of Christian marriage, Tolkien advised Michael that true faithfulness in marriage would require a continual exercise of the will. Even in marriage, there remains a demand for denial, he insisted. “Faithfulness in Christian marriage entails that: great mortification. For a Christian man there is no escape. Marriage may help to sanctify and direct to its proper object his sexual desires; its grace may help him in the struggle; but the struggle remains. It will not satisfy him–as hunger may be kept off by regular meals. It will offer as many difficulties to the purity proper to that state, as it provides easements. No man, however truly he loved his betrothed and bride as a young man, has lived faithful to her as a wife in mind and body without deliberate conscious exercise of the will, without self-denial.”


Those who see marriage as nothing more than the arena of ecstatic and romantic love will be disappointed, Tolkien understood. “When the glamour wears off, or merely works a bit thin, they think they have made a mistake, and that the real soul-mate is still to find. The real soul-mate too often proves to be the next sexually attractive person that comes along.”


“Explicit references to sexuality are virtually missing from Tolkien’s published works, allegories, fables, and stories. (…) How is this possible? In a profound employment of the moral spirit, Tolkien presented his characters in terms of honor and virtue, with heroic men demonstrating classical masculine virtues and the heroines appearing as women of honor, valor, and purity.”

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